Ear Infections

If your children are experiencing ear infections, the symptoms of which may begin with itching followed by pain, here are some remedies which may help.

Apply a heating pad over the ear or a clean cotton pad. Keep the ear clean and dry, and remove any pus with a cotton ball. When taking a shower, wear a shower cap to prevent any water from entering the ear. Remove any water from the ear with a blow dryer.

Other alternative methods include:

*Add a few drops of garlic juice into the ear.
*Add a few drops of tea tree oil to a ¼ cup of warm olive oil.
*Add a few drops of warm olive oil into the infected ear.
*Add a drop of hydrogen peroxide in the ear.
*Heat up some baby oil and place a few drops in the ear.

For wax buildup which may cause the aforementioned symptoms, place a few drops of mineral oil into the infected ear and remove the loosened wax with a suction bulb.

Another method used by our grandparents is to add a few drops of warm milk into the ear to help loosen wax.

While these are tried and true measures, you can prevent symptoms from occurring by taking a teaspoon of cod liver oil every day. According to research, this has been proven to be effective.

Experts suggest taking a teaspoon of the new lemon-flavored cod liver oil followed by a multi-vitamin tablet with selenium.

Of course, if the symptoms persist after you’ve applied these methods, it would be advisable to see a doctor. However, the general consensus among those who have used these natural alternatives agree that any one of the above methods do indeed work.