Diet & Fitness Journal

Diet and Fitness Journal is a great way of recording your diet and fitness plan and achievements. It is well documented that you lose more weight if you keep a journal by keeping you on track to reach your weight and fitness goals.

The book is compact and can easily fit into your purse. The orange and blue title cover band on the front of the journal is removable and can be peeled off leaving you with a nice and discreet looking fake leather journal.

The journal includes daily pages to record your food consumption, exercise, calories, vitamin and supplement intake as well as mood and emotions. On the opposite side is the food log itself, which has room to log breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner with space for times eaten, fat, sodium, fiber, protein etc.

The weekly sections allow you to track your progress and keep you motivated with inspirational tips. The journal is spiral bound to make it easy to turn the pages. The book also benefits from a nutritional index which gives detailed data on popular foods.

The Diet and Fitness Journal helps you to lose weight and keep fit by tracking your food intake and your fitness.