Delusions is happy to introduce this article by Henry Steve, the webmaster of He has a comprehensive site where you can learn about paranoid delusional thinking and many other helpful definitions that will help you understand delusions more clearly.


At we specialize in mental diseases related to delusions. As a matter of fact, mental diseases have been part of human life for many years (probably from the very beginnings of human kind), but it is not until recently that we have begun to understand many of them. This clearer understanding has allowed us to categorize those diseases better, and full descriptions about symptoms and treatments have been developed.

On our website we have compiled a database about the most common and serious delusional problems that affect people all around the world. The reader will find a series of mental diseases such as Dawkins delusion, delusional disorder, delusional jealousy, Gos delusion, grandiose delusions, and Paranoid delusional diseases. Other complementary topics that will shed some light on other conditions are divided in three very interesting chapters about delusional schizophrenia that includes symptom and treatment information quite useful for the interested reader. Another chapter on dementia deals with different types of this disease and one more about depression that includes three types of depression such as manic depression and anxiety depression as well as symptoms and treatment options.

Visit us and explore the world of delusional disorders, at, get the most updated and factual information on this very important part of the mental diseases.

Henry Steve