Dancing For Health

Dancing has long been a form of self-expression. It might be ballet, ballroom dancing, salsa or hip hop. Movement can express what we feel inside but can’t seem to get out any other way.

Negative energy can change your entire outlook on life. It can lead to low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anger issues and antisocial behavior. None of these are productive and can harm a person.

Enter, dancing. There are many benefits to taking part in a form of dancing that will appeal to you. One, dancing is exercise. No one wants to admit that, because it is so much fun when you are doing it.

Moving your body in successive motions for a certain period of time is essentially physical exercise. Endorphins are secreted during such activities. They increase well-being and improve mood. These substances also promote clarity and focus. What was bothering you when you stepped into the dance studio or turned on the iPod can be seen in a clearer light after twirling around on the floor.

Such movement also releases stress. Stress can cause internal changes in our bodies. People who suffer from chronic stress are typically more tense and prone to negative thoughts. Stretching the muscles of the body as you dance, releases that tension in the muscles.

Over time, dancing can help you to lower your heart rate and increase your endurance. You are getting in shape. A person in shape is better able to combat negative energy and turn it into a positive.

So, what type of dancing do you have to do? Any type of dance that appeals to you is the simplest answer. Many inner city kids have found an alternative to violence with a new urban style of dancing called krumping. It is characterized by sharp movements that are essentially put together by the dancer. Whatever they are feeling dictates how they will move.

Instead of fighting in the streets, they are holding dance competitions to battle with their bodies. Through movement negative feelings, fears, hate and drama are displayed to an audience. Some say that dancing has saved their lives. By giving their feelings an outlet, they no longer have to waste their energy on violence.

Dancing allows the body to move in different ways, releasing negative energy and tension from the muscles and the mind. It doesn’t matter what form of dance you participate in so long as it speaks to your need to embrace positive thoughts and energy.