Cupcake Dental Floss

After every visit to the dentist and hygienist, I vow to be a good girl and floss every night. Well, after a few days, my good intentions seem to wane, and again, I conveniently “forget” about it. When my six-monthly appointment approaches, I quickly step up the flossing activities again.

The Cupcake Dental Floss would certainly make flossing much more fun and enjoyable – not only for you, but I am sure your kids will also love the tasty flavour of cupcake frosting that develops in your mouth when using Cupcake Dental Floss. The dental floss is waxed and each container contains 27.3 yards to keep your teeth and mouth healthy.

The Cupcake Dental Floss is a great way to keep a beautiful smile and your dentist happy.