Cryo-Max Cold Packs - Reusable

Cold packs are essential to have in your freezer in case an application of ice is needed to reduce inflammation and swelling or pain. I like the idea that the Cryo-Max Reusable Cold Pack stays cold for up to 8 hours, without having to return it to the freezer. This is very convenient. The ice pack itself is comfortable to put on the area of swelling. Convenient velcro straps keep it in place. The packs are non-clumping, which means that the cold is evenly distributed. The cold pack is quite stiff, but flexible and molds to your body. As is gets warmer and melts, the ice pack will get more and more flexible.

Don’t apply the ice pack directly to broken or sensitive skin as it might cause more damage.

Overall, I think that it is always advisable to have cold packs in your freezer ready for emergencies. The Cryo-Max Reusable Cold Pack, Medium,(6” x 12”) are a good option as they stay cold for a long time.