What is Craniosacral Therapy?

Imagine getting a head massage and feeling the changes all over your body. That is basically what is said to happen when you have a craniosacral massage. It is a gently scalp massage that is used to help heal pain that occurs elsewhere.

Here is the theory behind it. It was developed by an osteopathic physician by the name of William Sutherland. He believed that the bones of the skull still had movement throughout life. When we are born, the different bones of the skull are not fused together. They come together as we age from infancy.

With this therapy, it is believed that there is still a resonance or vibration that can be felt and assessed in these bones. It is referred to as the vital force and affects the movement of cerebrospinal fluid from the areas surrounding the brain all the way down through the spinal column to the tailbone.

By manipulating this rhythm in the bones of the skull, areas of stagnation in the body can be freed up. This in itself doesn’t cure disease but it does restore the flow of the fluid throughout the spinal column. All the nerves that affect the organs and the muscles systems controlled by the brain run through the spinal column. Allowing the congestion to be released allows the body to return to a state of homeostasis and heal itself.

This sounds like magic but it is simple physiology. If there is a problem affecting the nerves, it will manifest itself as pain throughout the body in certain areas. The body learns to compensate when pain prevents certain muscles or other body parts form working as they are supposed to. That alteration in movement is what we perceive as pain.