Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Treatment for CFS

Treatment of CFS is about managing symptoms to improve the quality of life for sufferers. There is no current cure for the disease. Behavior therapy is a consideration.

What is cognitive behavior therapy? It is a form of treatment that examines the way that a person thinks about a situation and strives to change that thinking as a coping mechanism. This is not psychoanalysis where there is thought to be a deep-seated reason for all behaviors and disease processes. The answers to feeling better lie in learning to reduce the stress associated with the condition.

There is no easy way to handle a disease. You certainly are not happy about having it. The behavior therapy is designed to change your thoughts to change your emotions. Researchers believe in the mind/body connection. You see it with stress. As the stress on your mind gets worse, so does your body.

It is reasonable to think that the opposite can also be true. Use your mind to influence your body. This kind of therapy is a team effort. You will work closely with your therapist to find a way to improve attitudes. This process also involves the participation of family members and friends. A support system aids in breaking the cycle of depression, anxiety and frustration.

Here is how it works. Your therapist will ask you about your feelings towards your disease. How does it make you feel when you can’t get out of bed or go to work? Through your answers the therapist can assess if you are taking a realistic view of your situation. It is easy to overstate what is happening due to your emotions.

Therapists don’t just concentrate on your thinking, but on ways to improve the condition of your body – sleep habits, strengthening muscles, scheduling activities to avoid excess tiredness and finding a support system you can count on.

Some choose the more holistic approach and try natural treatments for their chronic fatigue syndrome. Ginseng is being used to deal with the fatigue. It has long been a root that has been known to increase energy in the Orient. It may decrease your fatigue and increase the length of time you can stay active at any one time.

Fish oil contains fatty acids (omega-3 and 6). Fatty acids are involved in brain function and nerve conduction among other important functions of immunity. Increased immunity can ease CFS symptoms.

Eastern medicine is also an approach that some CFS sufferers may opt to take. These medicines focus on detoxifying the body and restoring balance through massage, herbs and nutrition.

There are other options for dealing with the symptoms of CFS besides medications. Some have found a measure of relief through alternative treatments like cognitive behavior therapy, Eastern medicine and herbs and supplements.