Classical Pilates Kids and Young Adults

Classical Pilates Kids and Young Adults DVD is a great DVD for your home to keep your family fit. Pilates offers many advantages to growing children. Doing it regularly will help them to develop a healthy alignment of the spine, and in turn their posture will be straight and strong. Other core muscles in their bodies will grow stronger and will improve their overall athletic performance in other sports as well. And let's not forget that any type of physical exercise is helping your children/young adults to stay healthy and well.

The DVD covers different age groups, so is perfect for parents or teachers with differently aged children. You will find appropriate and safe exercise routines for age groups 5-7, 8 to 10, 10 to 12 and 12-17. The age-appropriate exercises help your kids to increase their focus and concentration, they improve your teen's self-esteem and body image, help with weight management and increase strength and flexibility

Depending on their age, your kids will be introduced to light weight exercises, the advantage of stability ball routines, mat exercises and more. The DVD is designed to keep even the youngest kids' interest through special effects and imaginary play.