Circuit Training At Home

Some exercise gurus say that circuit training is the best overall way to shape up your body in a short time. At the gym, there are a wide variety of machines to use for a circuit training workout. But, you don’t have to belong to a gym to get the benefits. You can set up a circuit in your own home.

Circuit training combines aerobic and anaerobic activities for a workout that builds muscle and burns fat at the same time. In one thirty minute session, you can work your entire body. Many health clubs have circuit stations where several people can participate at the same time. The key to success is that you keep moving without a break so the heart rate stays elevated to burn fat.

Here’s how it works. Aerobic activity is alternated with strength training. For example, you can perform one minute of stationary bike riding with one minute of bicep curls. After another minute of biking, you can switch to another body part for strength training, like leg curls. If you want more aerobics, increase to five minutes of aerobics for every one or two minutes of weights.

Want to get in on this type of training without joining a gym? Here are some ideas:

1. Get a DVD. There are exercise videos that highlight circuit training. If you are new to the concept, these can help you learn to alternate aerobics with weights in a smooth transition. From there, you can create your own workout regimen.

2. Push-ups. You don’t need any equipment to perform this exercise. Your own body weight is used. Push-ups strengthen the muscles of the chest and abdomen, as well as the triceps muscles.

3. Jumping jacks. You did them as a kid, but they get harder as you get older. Because both your arms and your legs are moving, you get your heart rate up quickly. And, you can do it anywhere: in the elevator, on vacation, during television commercials.

4. Crunches. To perform abdominal exercises, you only need the floor and proper form. As you gain strength, you’ll be able to crunch harder and longer. Add a twist at the top to work the oblique muscles. If you have back problems, you can get the same results by using a fitness ball.

5. Dumbbell. Free weights offer a greater range of motion and are not bulky like machines. After your aerobic phase, you can quickly pick up a set of dumbbells to perform rear leg lifts, triceps curls, deltoid lifts, lat rows, military presses, squats and lunges.

Are you looking for a good workout? Try circuit training in your home for an overall body workout that builds muscle and burns fat.