Chemical-Free Kids

The book Chemical-Free Kids help you to be aware of toxins and chemicals in your family's environment that can cause havoc with your kids' health. It gives valuable information on your family's diet and how to detoxify it, i.e. stay away from toxic foods and additives. Weaning yourself and your children from junk food isn't as difficult as you might think. The book gives workable advice on how to introduce a healthy lifestyle to your family. The included recipes will surely win over the most sceptical in your family.

You will learn about health hazards in your own home, get introduced to chemical culprits that hide, unknowingly, in your household and garden products, such as air fresheners. And did you know how damaging heavy metals are to our health and were they are hiding in your home?

Overall, this book is a great resource for any parent wanting to take responsibility, into their own hands, for a healthy and happy life and learn how to make appropriate changes for the better. I would certainly recommend this book. It is an easy read with loads of valuable information and practical advice on how you and your kids can live a chemical-free life.