What Are the Causes and Treatment for Hair Loss in Men?

What causes hair loss in men and how can it be treated? It is believed that baldness in men can be attributed to disease. Excessive weight gain or loss within a close period of time is a factor. An iron deficiency is also a cause of hair loss in men. However, most some believe that hair loss is neither due to an illness nor a medical condition. While it is asserted that pattern baldness affects over 20 million men in the United States, it is stated that one in four men begin to go bald by the age of thirty. In addition, when men reach sixty, the odds are considerably worse; two out of three go bald.

Since it has already been determined that baldness is inherently familial, you may want to check your maternal side to ascertain if your mother’s father went bald and at what age. According to research, a hair follicle’s normal growth rate is five years before the hair is replaced by new hair growth. In men, when a hair falls out; a new one does not start to grow. Usually occurring above the forehead, thus revealing a receding hairline, it works its way back to the crown of the head. Thus, a bald spot increases in size until the entire top of the head is bald. The only hair remaining is on the sides of the head.

Hair loss can be treated with two medications: Minoxidil, which is applied directly to the scalp, helps slow the balding in most men. In fact, it begins new hair growth. While this medication only works for younger men, who are just beginning the balding phase, it takes about a year to determine if the medication was successful. Another medication is Finasteride, which taken orally, blocks the testosterone which causes hair loss. This medication has shown to be effective in stopping hair loss in men, and start new hair growth. The results of this medication may also take a year before any progress is shown.

As men age, their hair becomes thinner. As the hair thins, it the oil increases; which causes an insufficiency of the hair root. This ultimately contributes to hair loss. If you an oily scalp, in addition to thinning hair, the best advice offered by experts is to shampoo frequently. If you experience sudden hair loss, contact your doctor to determine the cause.

While hair loss is natural, always be certain to check the amount of hair you are losing each day. Use a comb, not a brush, on your hair. Braiding your hair can also cause a similar condition that will eventually cause hair loss. Use whatever preventative measures to ensure your hair is properly maintained. If necessary, the cause and treatment of hair loss in men can be discerned at an early age.