Home Remedies For Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

What is carpal tunnel syndrome? The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage on the inside of your forearm at the level of your wrist. It houses the medial nerve and tendons that flex the fingers on your hand. All of these structures fit nice and neat in this passage that protects them from injury.

The problem comes in when swelling in the area causes the median nerve to get pinched. Anyone who has ever had a pinched nerve knows the amount of pain associate with it. The nerve can be agitated by fine motor skills and vibrating movements that cause inflammation.

Home remedies go a long way towards fighting the pain. If the movement that caused the carpal tunnel problem is temporary, then any treatment should take care of the discomfort. When the motion is repeated on a regular basis, using several of the suggested home remedies can bring relief.

One home remedy is using essential oils to ease the pain. Through massage, the inflamed nerve can be soothed. Peppermint oil and even lavender can cool the area and provide relief.

Use a splint on your wrist. This is a rigid device to keep you from bending your wrist in unnatural positions when sleeping or while working. When we sleep, we are not fully aware of how our arms and hands bend. Sometimes, sleeping on your wrist can lead to numbness and pain when you wake. Intense pain can wake you up from your sleep.

Use ergonomic equipment at work and at home. Ergonomics is the study of body mechanics. You hear a lot about it these days, especially from people who work in offices. For those with repetitive motion jobs, using wrist rests for your computer, ergonomic keyboards and adjusting your chair height can all contribute to relieving carpal tunnel pain and warding off the condition in the first place.

Use a cold compress on the area. A cold compress will dull the pain. Some suggest warm ones, but, for this region of the body, warmth can increase inflammation which can increase pain.

Exercise your wrists. Taking a break and performing wrist exercises can help reduce the pain caused by carpal tunnel. Circling your wrist one way and then the next helps to keep the muscles loose.

Alternative medicine like acupuncture can also ease your pain. In ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture has been used to not only ease pain but also to ease digestive discomfort.

Do you suffer from pain in your wrists or numbness and tingling in your fingers? You could have carpal tunnel syndrome. Use the home remedy ideas above to help stop the pain in its tracks.