Camu Camu Powder

If you have never heard of Camu Camu (berry), you are not alone. Camu Camu is a berry with naturally occurring, high-potency Vitamin C, more than any other fruit we know. It is a red berry that grows wild in the Amazonian rainforest in Peru and is said to have more than 40-50 times more Vitamin C than lemons or oranges, just to give you an idea of this so-called miracle fruit.

In addition to the amount of healthy Vitamin C contained in Camu Camu, this small berry also has important antioxidants, amino acids, phytochemicals and other essential vitamins and minerals. Camu Camu can be used effectively to improve your overall health, to strengthen your immune system and help in fighting off infections and inflammation.

The Raw Camu Powder can be used simply by dissolving it into a glass of water (maybe with a touch of natural sugar if you like it sweet), added to juices, smoothies, granolas or yogurt. The product is 100% organic to benefit your healthy lifestyle. It is also a great supplement for athletes to take to fight off injuries.

Overall, I think that the Raw Camu Powder is a fantastic way of supplying your body with the right amount of Vitamin C and other valuable substances to keep you fit and healthy.

A word of caution: Please talk to your doctor before taking any supplements or medication, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.