The Busy Body Book: A Kids Guide To Fitness

This kid friendly 40 page hardcover book teaches your child about different parts of their body, how they work and how important it is to keep them moving. It is designed for children ages 4 to 8.

Review: This book is great. Small children need to learn at a young age that exercise and keeping your body healthy is important. What a better way than a book. It has worked wonders for us.

This book uses education, information and encouragement to keep my children active. It has bright colorful pages that keep their interest. Kids of all ages are fascinated by what is inside there bodies and what those things do. This book will help them discover all that in a child friendly way.

The clear pictures and words were very helpful for my child to understand and grasp. There are diagrams starting with a skeleton and then showing each individual organ. These diagrams have the facts about that certain part of the body, how it interacts with other organs and why you have to keep them moving.

It has many pictures of children running, jumping, roller skating, rolling around and just playing in general. Our children wanted to do the activities and then go back to the book to see just what activity involved which part of their bodies.

Because it is age appropriate there is nothing shown in this book that your 5 yea old can’t do or understand.

With this book your child will become an informed, active and healthy child right in front of your eyes. Because they enjoy it, they won’t even realize how well what they are learning is for them and their future.