Building Bone Vitality

Osteoporosis is a condition that affects many people especially when they get older. It is a disease of the bones which increases the risk of fractures.

The authors of Building Bone Vitality, Amy Joy Lanon, PhD and Michael Castlemen have created a different approach and diet plan that should prevent bone loss and reverse the affect of osteoporosis. It contains up-to-date medical information on clinical trials and studies and why calcium and dairy intake does not mean our bones will be protected. One chapter explains why the calcium theory is wrong. Instead, they explain the effectiveness of a low-acid diet and exercise to keep your bones strong and prevent bone mass reduction.

Other risk factors that might affect bone density are also described in great detail. These risks include for example smoking, caffeine, alcohol, diabetes and depression. In addition, you can read up on osteoporosis drugs and their pros and cons.

Amy Joy Lanon is an Assistant Professor of Health and Wellness at the University of North Carolina. She has previously appeared on national public radio, Newsweek and is also the author of Healthy Eating for Life for Children. Michel Caslemen is a top health writer and author of many health books.