Bongers: Set of 2 Ancient Oriental Massage Tools

We all are in need of a good massage sometimes to loosen up and relieve stress symptoms after a long day at work or running around with little children. Unfortunately, it might not always be possible to treat yourself to a massage by a professional, but a few massage tools (and maybe even a willing partner) and some soothing music might do the trick as well.

Bongers are a set of 2 ancient oriental massage tools. They look like drum sticks with knobs at the end. With these you can treat yourself or your partner to a re-energizing percussion-like massage. You can either use one or two at the same time. Just gently tap the Bongers on sore muscles and feel your muscles relax. You can use these Bongers to relieve back pain, headaches, tension, knotty muscles and you might even find that it helps to improve cellulite by strengthening the connective tissue and improving circulation.

In my opinion, these Bongers are fun to have and use. Having a massage releases “happy hormones”, which release stress and pain. Bongers are certainly worth purchasing – they would also make a well appreciated gift for a friend or partner in need of a revitalizing massage.