Bone Loss and Exercise Tips

As we age, we lose bone density. It mostly occurs in women (osteoporosis) but men are affected as well. To preserve your bone and overall general health, here are some ideas for exercise activities that build bone.

It bears being said that besides exercise, nutrition is also important. Getting the proper daily intake of calcium for your age group will help maintain your bone health. When there is not enough calcium coming into the body, the cells will rob it from the bones to perform their daily maintenance. Combining both is probably the best way to combat bone loss.

Cardiovascular Exercise

To gain more bone, you have to use them. Weight-bearing exercises that have a high impact are actually good for building bone. As with any exercise, start slow and build up to a manageable level. Here are some suggestions:

* Walking – This is a good overall exercise that can be done at any age. You can start right now. Walking on a treadmill either flat or uphill programs build up the muscles of the legs as well as the bones.

* Aerobics – This refers to aerobics classes. Now step aerobics may be challenging for someone of advanced age, but simply doing jumps on the floor, jogging in place and walking routines all put pressure on the bones to help you build them up.

* Jogging – Jogging is better than running for women but both can be done in moderation for bone building results. Men can benefit even more from jogging and/or running.

Intramural Sports

There are many benefits to exercising in a group setting. You gain motivation from those around you and you have fun at the same time. It doesn’t seem much like exercise at all. Team sports that also involve some sort of impact are great for building and/or maintaining bone health.

* Basketball – There are leagues for all ages. Running up and down the court and jumping for baskets gives the most emphasis on your leg muscles and bones.

* Volleyball – You use your arms and your legs for power. Your entire bone structure gets a workout too.

* Tennis – If you’ve ever played tennis before, you know that you are starting and stopping a lot. Hitting the ball requires power in your arms.

* Dancing – Try some dances with stomp appeal like square dancing, line dancing and folk dancing.

Recreational Activities

You can build your bone right around your home. Try gardening. Plowing, hoeing, planting and hauling all work the muscles and bones.

There is a lot that you can do to build up your bones. As you age, don’t accept that bone will be lost; do what you can to preserve it with the above suggestions for activities.