Boiron Homeo Travel Kit

The Boiron Homeo Travel Kit is a handy homeopathic "first aid" kit to take along on your travels. Whether you need a homeopathic remedy for colds and flu, motion sickness caused by air or car travel, something to calm your nerves or reduce your muscle pain, stomach aches or bites, the kit comes with 20 different homeopathic remedies to keep you and your family healthy during your holidays.

The kit is ideal to put into your purse or backpack. The bag is bright blue, can be zipped up and is padded to keep the tubes with the remedies organized and safe from breakage. Even if you are a novice in taking homeopathic remedies, the included information booklet gives you the essential details about each of the included remedies and how and when to use them.

Overall, I think that this homeopathic travel kit is a fantastic way of keeping you and your family safe during your travels. It is convenient to pack, is lightweight and comes at a very reasonable price. It is ideal for families, but also for students to take along to college or when backpacking.