The Body

When you think about the human body, it seems as if we have become a society wherein how we look is more important than how healthy we feel.

For children and teens, this is especially significant in light of the zero-sized young women they view on TV and in magazines. What message are we sending?

While anorexia has spiked among our young and obesity has become a pandemic, are we sending mixed signals that is causing teens and young women to follow a path of self-destruction all for the sake of beauty?

Unless we teach our children to respect their bodies, the aforementioned statistics among children and young adults will rise. Kids learn just about everything from their parents. If parents are obese, studies show their offspring may become obese as well.

As adults, there are many diet and exercise programs that can be utilized to control weight gain. In order for everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle, loving and caring for one's vessel is a critical first step in achieving self-esteem and self-worth.

The articles contained under this heading will offer tips, tools, and resources you can use to lose weight, exercise, and achieve balanced health.

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