15 Tips To Help Reduce Bloating

One of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world is when you’re bloated, right? Clothes do not fit properly, you become irritable, and pain often accompanies the symptom especially during PMS. While most people who experience bloating are affected by different foods or drinks, here are some tips to help reduce bloating.

1. Reduce your sodium intake. Salt is the number one contributor to bloating.
2. Exercise as much as you can.
3. Avoid foods which are gassy such as cabbage, beans, milk and other vegetables and foods which contain lactose.
4. When eating meals, chew slowly. The old adage of chewing 100 times may be true. Lay down your fork between each bite.
5. Avoid chewing gum to reduce the amount of air you are swallowing.
6. Avoid powdered milk as it contains salt which increases bloating.
7. Too many starchy foods combined with protein contribute to bloating.
8. Try not to drink anything that is very cold, but keep it at room temperature.
9. Do not eat too much of anything. Portion control can reduce bloating.
10. Check to determine what condiments may cause your bloating, such as mayonnaise and the like.
11. Eating processed foods such as Mac and Cheese can cause bloating due to its high sodium content.
12. Snacks such as chips and certain types of cheese flavored popcorn have high sodium content.
13. Avoid diet sodas and candies.
14. Constipation may also be a factor in bloating. Eat foods rich in fiber.
15. Drink chamomile tea, which is not only good for the digestive system, but reduces bloating as well.

Finally, and this may be hard to take ladies, but experts suggest that avoiding chocolate during your menstrual period will reduce the bloating as well. The reason is because chocolate contains both sugar and dairy, thus contributing to the bloating problem. However, no one can definitively tell you not to eat chocolate, especially when you are PMSing! Between the water retention and the bloating, denying you chocolate can be a lethal request.

These tips to help reduce bloating depend upon what actually causes it in your particular case. Keep track of those foods, drinks, and habits which contribute to it. Once you ascertain the cause, you’ll most likely never have to deal with it again.