Black Seed Sore Muscle & Arthritis Relief Cream

The Black Seed Sore Muscle & Arthritis Relief Cream can be applied to painful areas, by gently massaging into your skin, to provide fast and soothing relief. Whether you have sore, aching muscles, backache, stiffness, muscle strain or pain due to arthritis, the aforementioned relief cream helps by penetrating deeply into the muscles. It can be used before and after exercising.

The cream contains organic essential oils from arnica, St Johns Wort, rosemary, lavender leaf, ginger, bay leaf, cajuput, cassia, wintergreen, peppermint, black seed oil and other ingredients. It is a fast acting relief cream to be used for localized pain management.

It is always advisable to talk to your doctor before using supplements or applying creams, especially for children or if you are pregnant.