Ballroom Dancing is a Great Exercise

Who says that exercise has to be grueling or boring? More and more people are getting into the dance craze. Dancing is a way to let loose and have fun while learning a new step or remembering steps that you knew a long time ago.

Dancing is not just for the kids. It can be used to get regular physical activity into your daily routine. Exercise keeps the body younger for longer. Muscle mass increases and bone health improves. Because you have to learn and remember the different steps of the dance, your brain is also getting a workout that builds new synaptic pathways and increases brain power.

Ballroom dancing is just one form of dance but it combines different dance techniques. It features dances done by partners and can be slow or fast depending on the type of dance you are performing. Modern ballroom dancing includes Latin dances, as well as American-style dancing that features a lot of dips, turns, and quick movements.

Ballroom dancing has evolved into a competition sport where dancers compete for prizes and the honor of being the best. These are not your average dancers but professionals with well-conditioned bodies that demonstrate proper posture, frame, movement of body parts, body alignment and timing.

But you don’t have to dance in that fashion. You can take a ballroom dancing class with your significant other or a friend and have tons of fun without the pressure of competition. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Dancing has many benefits for the body, mind and spirit. First of all it is a low-impact form of exercise that provides a weight-bearing component. You can strengthen your bones and muscles as you twirl. The entire body gets a workout. Doing many of the steps requires certain positions for the arms and legs which mean the abs are engaged the entire time.

Over time, you develop stamina as you get used to the movements and the time it takes to complete the dancing class. Well-conditioned muscles are more flexible and give a slender look to the body.

Exercise releases endorphins that improve mood and bring clarity to the mind. For the person who needs to let off some steam, ballroom dancing can be a way to relieve stress, reduce tension and gain confidence. Regular dancing as exercise can prevent many of the conditions that our bodies are prone to as we age.

So what are you waiting for? Think young! Maintain a firm body and keep your spirit high with a little ballroom dancing.