Bach Flower Therapy

Have you noticed that you get moody when you get sick? According to Dr. Bach, that is an expression of the symptoms of your illness. The Bach Flower Therapy seeks to heal the total person by addressing their emotional states with herbal therapy.

Practitioners of the Bach Flower Therapy would say that it is not quite exact to categorize this healing method as herbal therapy or homeopathy. The basic principle of homeopathy is that “like cures like.” The basis of the Bach Flower Therapy is just the opposite – it is opposites that bring about the desired effect in your life.

The Bach Flower Therapy was developed by an English doctor named Edward Bach. He was a successful Harley Street doctor who left his practice to study flower remedies for illness in the late 1920s. He believed that the body was not just physical but also energy. It was that life energy that was injured as well when a person fell ill.

As a doctor he cured the physical but was curious about the fact that doctors had no way to cure the other aspects of the person. He believed that when the body and the mind were not in sync, illness was the result. His alternative medicine addressed the mental state to heal the whole person.

The Bach Flower Therapy consists of a number of flower “essences” that are used to meet the emotional needs of a patient. Each flower was carefully chosen and is used to reverse a certain mental state present in the person. Dr. Bach discovered twelve healing flowers, seven helper plants, a second set of nineteen plants and five first aid remedy flowers.

What a person is given is essentially an essence of the flower. Through dilutions, that is all that is left. Chemical analysis reveals no hint of the flower but only the substances used to create the essence. What is present is a vibration imprint of the flower which works with the vibrating frequency of the cells in the human body. Dr. Bach felt that the imprint was all that was needed to heal the rift between illness and the emotional responses to it.

Bach Flower Therapy is prepared in one of two ways: the Sun method and the Boiling method. The Sun method is used for plants that bloom in the spring and summer when the sun shines a lot. The Boiling method is used for plants that bloom in the earlier months before the sun is less prominent. Each flower is “steeped” in water and then mixed with brandy to further dilute the essence.

The Bach Flower Therapy addresses the mind/body connection during illness. While the body is treated, the emotional state that is a part of the illness is not. Through healing flower essences, the mental component and the physical component of illness are brought into harmony to completely cure the body.