Baby Teething Necklace – Dark Amber

If you have a teething baby in your family that can't seem to stop crying, then why not give this teething necklace a try. It is made from dark amber, looks beautiful, but more importantly, it helps to calm the pain of new teeth breaking through.

Please note that this teething necklace is meant to be worn, not chewed. Scientific research has shown that amber is a natural analgesic. When amber comes in touch with the skin, it releases an active healing oil that is transferred into the bloodstream. The result is a calmer and more relaxed baby. Amber is a natural remedy that reduces inflammation without the need for over-the-counter medication.

Obviously, if your baby does wear a necklace, it is essential that she/he is constantly supervised to avoid accidents, such as choking or strangling.

Overall, I think that these natural amber necklaces are not only a great way of naturally calming down your baby, but they also look lovely when worn.