Baby Massage: Soothing Strokes for Healthy Growth

The benefits of baby massage are multi-fold. Babies love massage, and the touching and nurturing between parent and baby has a positive impact on both. Parents grow in confidence. Babies feel loved and develop a sense of warmth and security. But there are not only emotional benefits. Other health benefits include: relief of colic, gas and constipation symptoms, regulates the digestive system, which overall leads to better sleep.

The book Baby Massage was written by Suzanne P Reese, who is a certified and well-known infant massage instructor, parent educator and speaker. The book explains the many advantages and benefits of baby massage before going into great detail about how to do it properly with a loving and caring touch. In easy to follow steps and with the help of photographs, the author shows how to massage your baby’s legs, arms, fingers and face etc. I like the part of the book where the author provides special massages for special times: fussy babies, bathtime bubble massage, a massage to relieve digestive problems and colic, morning wakey wakey massage and a going to sleep massage.

Overall, I think that every new parent should own a book of infant massage. Not only does it create a lasting bond between parent and child, but it also stimulates baby’s growth and well-being. This book would make a great gift for any expecting mother and father.