Ayurveda is a philosopy comprised of a set of lifestyle practices over 5,000 years old, and offers a holistic approach to preventative health.

The alternative health solutions provided by this philosophy includes a number of practices that include the use of nutrition, massage, meditation, and herbal supplmements to create a total body sense of well-being.

Considered a holistic treatment with a mind-body connection, followers believe that the physical self, the mental self, and the emotional self are all tied together.

Based on the five elements of nature, the alternative health solutions of Ayurveda implement the roles of earth, fire, air, water, and their ability to be shown in the bodies of three forces, or doshas – Vatta Pitta, and Kapha. Proponenets of this method believe that the balance of these elements within the doshas is required for good health.

This alternative health solution is rooted deeply in the belief that creating harmony requires the doshas to be in balance.

Vatta, the dosha responsible for the elements or air and space, is believed to be in control of the actions of the nervous system, neuromuscular system and joints. Reponsible for breathing and heartbeat, balance in this dosha gives the practitioner control of emotions like anxiety, fear, and pain.

Pitta, the dosha responsible for the elements of fire and water, is believed to be in control of “housekeeping” actions like digestion and metabolism along with intelligence. The emotions most often connected with the balance of pitta include anger, hate, and jealousy.

Kapha, the dosha responsible for the elements of earth and water, has been described to control one’s physical characteristics and immune system. The balance of this dosha are tied to the emotions of greed, love, forgiveness, and calmness.

Those interested in learning about the alternative health solutions utilizing this philosophy may benefit from the holistic approach of the mind-body-spirit connection.

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