The avocado was believed to have originated in South America - in Peru to be exact. The tree has traveled a long way to the United States. This small dark green skinned fruit resembles a large egg on the outside. It has a creamy tasty center that can be eaten alone or mixed to make dips, chopped to make salsa or chutney and cooked.

But, as much as the avocado is good to eat, it is also good for other purposes. The entire plant, including leaves, bark, seed, rind and fruit flesh is used to make different natural remedies. Some are still used by people living in Peru and also Guatemala today.

The Bark

This part of the avocado tree is used to prepare medicinal treatments. If you have a cough, it can be used to help stop it. Also, bark is used to alleviate many digestive ailments.

The Fruit

The best way to get nutrition from the avocado is to eat it. Some people have issues with eating one because of its reported high fat content. The avocado does contain fat but it is high in monounsaturated fats. These are better overall for the body than some other foods that we eat.

Having avocados on a regular basis can lead to better heart health and circulation, improved skin appearance, cancer protection and also help for PMS sufferers. It is best eaten raw for the greatest amount of nutrients.

If you don’t want to eat it then use it to help stimulate hair growth. Scoop out the pulp from the rind and mix it up. Applying pulp to the head can stimulate dormant follicles to grow more hair.

Using the fruit in a poultice can be used to heal pus-filled wounds. It is cool to the touch so it can be used to soothe damaged skin.

The Leaves

The leaves of an avocado tree are helpful too. They can be used to treat diarrhea, get rid of excess gas and also to stop bloating. For patients with high uric acid levels, gout is a painful condition that can result. Using the leaves to fight digestive distress can stop gout before it starts.

The Seeds

Oil can be obtained from the seed of the avocado. This oil can be used on the skin to smooth it out. A protein found in avocados helps stimulate the production of collagen. By using oil on the face, it can help smooth out wrinkles and keep the skin plump and toned.