Autogenics is a mind-body connection that involves invoking a verbal command to your physical self in order to respond in a certain way.

By using a verbal command to tell your physical self to calm down, take control of your breath, decrease your blood pressure, and slow down your heartbeat; relaxation can take place and the person doing the commanding can experience less stress.

Alternative health clinics specializing in autogenic training can teach you how to use a set of exercises in order to relax the body and prevent chronic stress.

These exercises, which usually require a certain position, verbal cue, and some sort of guided imagery, can be learned by watching an instructor at an alternative health clinic and practicing it on your own. Once you learn the set of exercises, you can draw from an arsenal of techniques that can help you take control of the stress in your life and keep it from affecting your physical self.

Autogenic training is similar to biofeedback, a practice that can also be learned at alternative health clinics, in that it requires control of the body over the mind in some way.

By allowing your mind to exert influence over your body, you can keep close tabs on such aspects of your physical self like heartbeat, blood pressure, and skin temperature.

Proper autogenic training as learned in alternative health clinics can be used to treat other disorders such as anxiety, fatigue, insomnia and pain management.

Autogenic Training

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