Archery Benefits Your Health

Archery has been mentioned in literature throughout the centuries. Gone are the days of shooting apples off of people’s heads, but you can still develop a sense of competitive style and have fun doing it.

It is not a traditional sport these days but anyone can find benefit in taking up archery. For starters, anyone can compete and become good in the sport. Because there is no running or jumping involved, someone who has a physical handicap that confines them to a wheelchair can participate. Age is not a factor. Young and old alike can handle the bow and arrow.

Archery promotes upper body strength. It takes more than just finesse to string that arrow properly and have it hit the target. Men already have more upper body strength than women but a woman can improve hers significantly by participating in archery.

Shooting an arrow takes focus. The target is several yards away and not easy to hit. The closer you are to the center bull’s-eye, the higher your score in competition.

Learning to concentrate like that can spill over into other areas of your life. The same techniques that make you an excellent archer can help you to prioritize your life.

Archery can be played as individual competition and also as a team sport. Relying on your teammates takes trust and communication. You will work with them to get better. That may require you to provide encouragement. Communication not only works with teammates, but others in your life as well. Learning good skills through archery can help you to create better relationships elsewhere.

Many sports inspire confidence in the participants. Archery is no different. As you get better and even place or win competitions, you will begin to think differently about yourself. When you meet one challenge successfully, you are not too afraid to take up another one.

Because of the nature of archery, accuracy is important. Being precise can mean the difference between winning and losing. That level of training means that you are playing at optimal levels and using all of your skills to get better and better.

This is helpful on the job. Employers like hard-working employees who strive to do what is expected and also move beyond to higher goals. That is the result of excellence learned through archery.

It may not be a traditional sport, but archery is sort of a lost art. The benefits include heightened focus, improved self-confidence, upper body strength, camaraderie and a whole lot of fun.