Amino Acid Supplements

Amino Acid Supplements

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. In the body, protein is essential for building strong muscle. When you work out, you are actually tearing down your muscle. This is how the body builds stronger fibers. Weight training traumatizes the muscle, so it needs time to repair. When it does, the new fibers are able to withstand more weight.

With that in mind, there is a recovery period between workouts, especially weight training. Weight training is used in virtually all sports to build muscles that can endure long hours of running, swimming, jumping, kicking or whatever your sport requires.

The body needs twenty amino acids for protein synthesis. Eight of these are essential and twelve are non-essential. Non-essential means that these amino acids can be produced by the body when it is needed. As for the remaining eight, they come from foods that we eat. When we don’t get them in the food we eat, our muscles feel the loss. They can get sore and prone to more injuries.

Supplements are one way to get the levels of vital amino acids up to the optimum. The best way to take amino acid supplements is to find one that includes all the amino acids. They can decrease your recovery time from a workout, meaning that you can engage in a hard workout sooner than you could before.

Types of Amino Acid Supplements

Here are a few types of supplements you can use to enhance your sports performance.

* Creatine – This supplement is created from three amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine. This protein has the benefit of being fat free so you won’t see any extra of that on your body. It is used to increase power and strength.

* Branched-chain amino acids – This supplement includes leucine, isoleucine and valine. It increases protein synthesis so you can train more often.

* Glutamine – This amino acid is the most abundant in the body. It helps to prevent you from overtraining, boosts immunity and prevents muscle breakdown.