Acupressure is a form of ancient Chinese medicine that is used to heal the body of pain and discomfort. Here is the Western world, many are discovering that this type of holistic healing can work with traditional medicine to deal with ailments without all of the harsh side effects of some treatments.

Acupressure is similar except instead of small needles, pressure is delivered via the fingertips to achieve the same kind of result.

Before we go further, here is some background on the technique. The belief behind acupressure is that the body is made up of energy. When the body is well, the energy flows unobstructed along certain channels called meridians. If the energy, or chi, is obstructed in some way, then we begin to feel ill in different areas of the body or the mind.

The body was created to heal itself. Acupressure is designed to help it do just that. By applying pressure at certain points according to touch and meridian maps, the chi can be freed and then the body will do the rest.

Acupressure can be performed in a variety of positions: standing, sitting or lying down. For better comfort, lying down provides access to all areas that may be affected by blocked energy lines.

The massage therapist has been trained to feel and recognize when there is a blockage such as a tensed or knotted muscle. Here, blood flow may also be blocked. By kneading that area with the right amount of pressure, not only is the muscle restored to proper function, but toxins are also released to flow to the parts of the body where they are processed and excreted.

Some clients feel relief almost immediately, especially if the blocked area has been that way for some time. Massages last about fifteen minutes. You may be advised to drink lots of water to replenish the body after the removal of toxins. The first time there may also be some discomfort, but nothing should be painful to you.

Acupressure has been known to alleviate certain common symptoms we deal with everyday. The most obvious is muscle pain and joint pain. When the body is stressed, we can carry that in these two places. Gentle massage can release those muscles for improved circulation and pain relief. Releasing blockages in the area of the neck and shoulders can help reduce headache pain and other head problems like sinus trouble.

Other conditions that acupressure can alleviate include:
* Menstrual cramps
* Morning sickness
* Fatigue
* Diarrhea and other bowel troubles
* Oral pain