Activities that Lead to Happiness

Some people look on happiness as subjective. In a way, it is. We each have an idea of what brings a smile to our faces. Striving for that “smile” every day is what can increase your sense of wellbeing and give you the ability to handle the rough times that will surely come in your life. Read on for some great ways to lift your mood.

* Sing a song – Music has the ability to evoke memories. What were you doing the first time you heard that song? Is it a happy song or a song that makes you think deeply about things? Singing a song that conjures pleasant memories has the power to increase your good mood. It is an instant mood enhancer.

* Exercise – You are probably turning the other way right now. But, exercise is not the enemy. It is just physical activity. It can be as vigorous as a run or as fulfilling as planting bulbs in the garden. What it does is increase the secretion of endorphins into your system. Endorphins make you feel good. Your mood lightens and you also can see problems from new angles that give a clue to how they can be resolved. Oh, and you lose weight which makes everybody happy.

* Have fun – Are you someone who is always very serious? Take the time to let loose. Watch a funny movie and laugh until your sides hurt. If you like to go to amusement parks, ride all the rides you want as many times as you want. It’s okay to live in a happy moment. The way to do that is to totally immerse yourself in it. Don’t think about tomorrow, just right now.

* Try new things – Many people get upset because they don’t think that they are good at anything. If you are always doing what you have always done, then you won’t get a chance to discover what else you like and are good at. Take a step out of your comfort zone. Try cooking classes, swim lessons, painting or anything else you have longed to do. You may not be perfect (perfection is overrated) but you will be glad you put in the effort.

* Smile – When you turn that frown upside down, your happiness meter starts to rise. Just making a goofy grin in the mirror or at a friend will get you a grin back. It may make you laugh or not, but it will definitely get you thinking positive thoughts.