Acne Prevention and Diet

No one likes having acne. It affects adults as well as teenagers. If you are prone to acne, maybe your diet can reduce the incidence of it in your life.

It was once believed that acne was due to a poor diet. Everyone assumed eating too much chocolate or candy caused acne breakouts on the face. That was debunked, but it doesn’t mean that your way of eating won’t have any bearing on preventing acne.

Acne can have many causes. They all work together to make you miserable with whiteheads and blackheads. But the basis is that acne is caused by excess sebum (oils) clogging pores that contain hair follicles.

Metabolic changes can affect your skin. Stress can cause the types of hormonal changes that can trigger acne. Eating a diet high in fat and processed carbohydrates, with a high glycemic index, can bring about the same changes in your body that cause acne outbreaks.

Hence, we are back to the diet question. Diet can make a difference in your acne. Diet alone won’t stop acne from being a problem but it does help tremendously.

Your skin is an organ. When you feed not-so-good things to your body, your organs show the damage. For acne sufferers, that means your skin shows the result. Now, your acne can be a combination of unfortunate genes and diet, but changing your diet will help reduce the acne.

For a start, choose foods that are wholesome and filled with natural ingredients. Processed foods contain many chemical preservatives that are hard for the human body to digest. It causes problems when we eat too much of them. Eating vegetables and whole grains provides useful vitamins and fiber that aid in digestion and other bodily functions.

The glycemic index is the concept system that rates carbohydrates based on how they raise blood sugar and how quickly they do so. Foods with a high glycemic index spike the blood sugar which gives us a rush of adrenalin but also a quick let down after about thirty minutes or so. On the other hand, carbohydrates with a low glycemic index keep the blood sugar steady as it is supposed to be.

You want the second type of carbohydrates in your diet. Fiber helps remove fat from the foods you eat so you don’t gain too much weight. With fewer impurities and more vitamins and minerals in your system your skin will look and feel healthier.

Changing your diet is an important step in preventing future acne outbreaks. Combined with medication from your doctor, you can see your skin clear up over time. Replace the processed foods with more natural choices for overall health.

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