About Me

For the last 42 years I have worked in the Corporate, Travel and Educational sectors. I have a B.A. in English Literature and, having just retired from the Department of Education.

Over the past seven years I created the first website for secretaries within the Department of Education. The online content consisted of up-to-date information; e-books on payroll procedures, and a wide variety of topics which secretaries required, but had no immediate access to, during their tenure.

As an article writer, I have written thousands of articles on various topics. However, the health topic is one that has been the most valuable to me personally, and it is the genesis for this website. I will strive to keep the information herein up-to-date while, at the same time, stressing the importance of early detection and prevention.

Although this website is for informational purposes only, it is well worth reading as I will cover a wide range of topics covering health issues for women, men, children, seniors, teens, and other general health issues.

If you find one piece of information that helps you or contributes to your seeking medical assistance, I will have accomplished what I set out to do.

Lillian M. Varrassi