Kinesiology is closely related to other ancient oriental schools of thought. At the basic level, its practitioners believe that the body is a self-sufficient machine. It always strives to heal itself. This is seen in homeostasis – the body’s inclination to maintain a steady balance in the internal environment. On a smaller level, the body corrects itself for problems but sometimes, there are changes that overwhelm the body’s abilities to do this.

That is where this holistic therapy comes in. By tapping into the sources of energy in the body and identifying where it is not flowing, steps can be taken to free the flow and assist the body in healing itself again.

This school of thought believes in chi (body energy) and meridians, the lines of energy that intersect across the body. To do this, kinesiologists use the muscles to interpret the energy issues within the body. The ultimate result is to return energy to the entire body, and improve health and overall functioning of the organism.

When energy is blocked, the body suffers physically but also mentally. Changes in the state of the body can lead to a higher risk of disease and mental illness.

The muscles are used for testing as a type of crossroads. Muscles interact with the nervous system, the skeletal system and the brain. It is the response of the muscle to their nerve messages that interest those involved in kinesiology. Muscles can provide more information than is available to the conscious mind. We tell a story without our mouths, although it is incomplete.

It is not a type of medical art that diagnoses illness. It is not within the practitioners' scope to do so. They believe that the problems in the body go far beyond illness and disease processes. Restoring energy that is blocked through different holistic tools will not only help return you to a healthy body but also influence your mental health, personal growth and relationship growth.

With mental stability come better coping mechanisms for dealing with stress. Your mind is clear and able to recognize bad stress and meet it head on.

For personal growth, you can reach new heights in your life. Work and personal goals can be set and met when the energy is free.

Some of the tools used to reverse blocked energy are:

* Acupressure
* Use of flower essences
* Aromatherapy
* Nutrition

It can be used to treat stress, sports injuries, depression, pain, allergies and other ailments. As an alternative treatment, kinesiology can have far-reaching effects.