A Starving Madness

A Starving Madness is a book of unforgettable real life stories of seven women and one man suffering from eating disorders. The stories were compiled by Judy Rabinor, a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist and author.

By sharing the stories of the struggles of eight patients with an eating condition, she gives us a deep insight into their hearts and minds. For example, the story “Once upon a time” describes the life of a 20-year-old with anorexia and bulimia after being abused by a family member. Another one is entitled “A Puppy Dog’s Tale” and is about a young man who suffers from bulimia and compulsively exercises.

The stories show the complexity of eating disorders, the advantages of psychotherapy and the healing bond between the therapist and their patient.

It is a wonderfully written book that will touch anybody who has come into contact with eating disorders, the sufferers themselves, but also their families and friends.