Portion Control Made Easy

When it comes to loosing weight your ultimate success will often depend on portion control. You’re better off eating moderate sizes of different types of foods including a few treats here and there than piling your plate up with apparently healthy options.

Many of us don’t even know what potion control meals should look like. Go to any high-chain restaurant and your plate will be piled high of food, sometimes you’ll be served up to five different foods in one sitting! So just how do you watch your size and reduce your waist line?

Eat Slower

You’ve heard it before I’m sure, but it’s so true, if you take time to eat your meals your brain will have adequate time to register you’ve had enough. Many of us are out of touch with our bodies and we keep eating until we feel so full we could burst. Try to make the mind and body connection by eating your food slowly and taking the time to enjoy each bite.

The Plate

You don’t need to invest in any fancy plate to help you do this, it’s really easy to do anywhere. Mentally divide your plate in half, fill the first half with vegetables then divide the remaining half in half. One half will consist of carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, and so on and the other half should consist of a protein such as chicken, fish, eggs or beans.

That’s your new rule from now on, one quarter protein, one quarter carbohydrates and one half fresh salad or veggies.

Keep the visual image of what your plate should look like anytime you are about to make a food choice. If you’re just having a chicken sandwich for example remember the chicken serving should ideally fit into that quarter of the plate, add two slices of bread and fill up the rest with fresh salad or veggies.

This is by far the easiest way to achieve portion control. If you do this with your three daily meals and replace junk food snacks with healthier options such as fruit and low fat yogurt, you are almost guaranteed to loose weight without having to follow any strict diet regimen. Still not sure, give yourself a few days to try it and see the great results for yourself.