5 Inexpensive Ways to Shape Up

Fitness is big business. People spend millions of dollars each year buying infomercial fitness and exercise products. But, you can get in shape a little at a time without spending lots of bucks on gadgets that may or may not work. Here are five ways to do that.

Fitness is important to everyone. Making exercise a family affair keeps everyone moving and healthy. Also, it seems less like work when you have a partner who is striving for the same goal.

1. Walk, walk, walk. You can walk thought the neighborhood during the evening after dinner. In the morning, walk with your kids to school if you don’t live more than a mile away. Walking is one of the best overall exercises for your cardiovascular system and to build a strong core. In the age of cars and other public transportation, we forget that we can still use our own two feet to get around.

2. Use an exercise DVD at home. It seems that every fitness trainer in the universe wants to make a video. You can learn everything from Pilates, kickboxing, yoga, tai chi and step aerobics to ball workouts and strength training in the privacy of your own home. The best thing about a DVD is that you can stop it when you get tired and use it at 5:30 in the morning or the same time at night. The cost of a DVD will pay for itself after one or two workouts.

3. Buy a set of dumbbells. You will invest some money in order to shape up, but you recoup your expenses in no time. A good set of dumbbells include a one, three, five and eight pound weight. For men, go up to fifteen pounds. Strength training is important for bone and muscle health as well as a quicker metabolism. Work one or two different body parts each day to work your entire body in a week for just pennies a day.

4. Buy a bicycle. A decent bicycle that fits your needs for riding in the park or through the neighborhood will cost you less than $100. Use your bike to get a daily workout. Add a child seat on the back to take your little one along. Instead of driving, bike to the store. It is faster than walking and comes with its own air conditioner.

5. Buy some balls. A football, kickball, soccer ball and basketball can be purchased for relatively little money. Give yourself and your kids a daily workout by playing a game. Quick high impact moves build bone mass and keep your weight down. You’ll have so much fun that you won’t even think of it as exercise or notice that you’ve been playing that pickup game for an hour already.

Staying in shape increases your life expectancy. Keep your body healthy and your weight down with these inexpensive methods. You can pursue fitness alone or with your family using all of these suggestions.